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Haystax Technology exists…

To analytically prioritize the world’s risks, enabling leaders and operators to act with confidence when it matters most.

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Our Mission

giving decision-makers the advanced risk-management tools they need...

Haystax Technology’s mission is to give decision-makers the advanced risk-management tools they need to prevent, protect against and respond to a wide array of threats to their most critical systems, facilities and people. From physical assets and infrastructure to large-enterprise technology systems, we help our customers achieve peace of mind by protecting what they value most from physical, cyber and insider threats.

Our products are relied on to defend against threats to some of the most high-profile institutions and communities in the world. Every day, some 50 million people and 100,000 assets are protected by organizations using our technology, ranging from a small school district in Texas to the State of Florida, and from major urban areas in California to the top federal government agencies responsible for protecting the nation.

Our expertise in risk management and advanced threat analytics has led us to develop innovative patented products that analytically prioritize the world’s risks. We can sort through hundreds of information streams in real time to identify emerging threats, allowing our customers to maintain public safety at major entertainment events, defend critical infrastructure assets, protect children in schools and anticipate and mitigate insider threats within large enterprises.

Our Team

For more than 15 years our software engineers, data scientists, risk specialists, designers and technical business people have worked tirelessly to help security leaders and operators manage their threat environments in radically new ways. Our ultimate goal is to improve the safety and security of all enterprises, regardless of the threat.

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Addressing the twin challenges posed by exponential increases in data velocity and volume and in threats to our society is a passion for everyone on the Haystax Technology team.

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