Our applications and analytic products are the results of a dedicated team of software engineers, data scientists, risk specialists, designers and analysts who have worked tirelessly to help security leaders and operators manage their threat environments in radically new ways.

We are passionate about helping our clients find better approaches to preventing, preparing for and protecting against a full array of threats and hazards.


Our mission is to rapidly deploy advanced security analytics and out-of-the-box risk management software applications that enable decision-makers, analysts and operational security teams to quickly understand and act on virtually any type of threat in real-time. Our ultimate goal has been to improve the safety and security of all enterprises, regardless of the threat, by prioritizing the world’s risks.


At Haystax, we don’t just help our customers respond to threats – we enable them to identify and act on their most urgent security priorities. We’re experts in advanced security analytics and risk management, and we’ve developed and patented innovative products that comb through thousands of digital information streams and databases for emerging internal and external threat signals, which are analyzed and automatically prioritized into rapid alerts and notifications.

The Haystax analytics platform is designed to enable organizations to quickly identify and mitigate diverse threats and hazards. We deploy an award-winning suite of products for domain awareness and information sharing, allowing public safety agencies to protect critical infrastructure assets, ensure the safety of major events and prepare for natural disasters.

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Some of the most high-profile institutions and agencies in the world rely on our security analytics platform to mitigate their highest-priority threats. Every day, some 50 million people and more than 100,000 national critical infrastructure assets are protected by organizations using our platform and security applications. They range from top federal government agencies and large commercial enterprises to local and state agencies and major metropolitan areas. We even helped secure nine of the last 13 Super Bowls.