Haystax Technology and Syntelligent Sign Reseller Agreement

By Haystax, January 24, 2018 | SHARE

Haystax Technology and Syntelligent Analytic Solutions, LLC (Syntelligent) are pleased to announce that they have signed a non-exclusive Value-Added Reseller (VAR) agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, Syntelligent will offer Haystax Technology’s market-leading user behavior analytics (UBA) solution for insider threat detection and continuous evaluation (CE) to federal government organizations, including those in the intelligence community.

Haystax Technology’s UBA solution, called Constellation for Insider Threat, is optimized for a range of use cases where user trustworthiness is a primary concern. Besides insider threats and CE, these include account and system compromise and cyber-fraud, plus a variety of mission-specific applications where the adaptability of the product’s Carbon ‘whole-person’ behavioral model has proven to be a key ‘force multiplier.’

“User behavior analytics is experiencing tremendous interest and growth at present, and we are pleased that Syntelligent sees far-reaching value in our Constellation for Insider Threat product and our patented model-first approach,” said Bryan Ware, CEO of Haystax Technology. “With this new agreement we will be well-placed to further expand our high-profile customer presence in the all-important federal government market.”

Syntelligent will focus on addressing federal agencies’ need for a holistic analytics solution for insider threat detection and CE.

“Numerous studies show that the ability of insiders to cause harm to personnel or information systems is growing and requires a holistic approach to identify and mitigate the threat,” said Stephen Synnott, CEO of Syntelligent. “The federal government is moving toward continuous evaluation to address this issue. Constellation for Insider Threat will enable customers to identify potential threats early and take preventive action.”

Syntelligent has been an industry leader not only in harnessing advanced technology fielded by Haystax, but by investing in research to understand how todays ‘Millennial Generation’ analysts communicate and learn and their perception of security processes and practices. This VAR is a win-win for the government and industry, and will make classified and proprietary data much more secure.