Haystax Technology Named as Key Risk Management Platform Company

By Haystax, January 31, 2018 | SHARE

One World Identity (OWI) has named Haystax Technology as a key player in its 2018 Identity Landscape.

OWI, an identity research and strategy company founded in 2016, included Haystax in the Platforms & Enablers segment of the Identity Landscape. The firm defines these companies as producers of: “Interoperable solutions or services that can offer similar experiences to multiple users on a variety of platforms or spaces. These companies are directly using building blocks to build and create platforms that will ultimately make consumer applications possible.”

Within that segment, Haystax is one of 15 companies in the Data Management & Analytics category/Fraud Prevention & Risk Management subcategory, identified as providers of “products and/or services in order to protect individuals and/or companies against risk, reputational damage, and fraudulent activities.” In Haystax’s case, the product is Constellation for Insider Threat, a user behavior analytics (UBA) solution for detecting and preventing insider threats, cyber-fraud and account compromise.

The Identity Landscape is published annually. For more details on this year’s list, visit OWI here. A graphic depicting all categories and subcategories can be found here.

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