At the Fishtech Pro Tour: UBA for Insider Threat

By Haystax, August 20, 2018 | SHARE

Almost every organization feels vulnerable to some form of insider threat, be it from a malicious actor, a staffer who inadvertently creates an exploitable vulnerability or a negligent employee who clicks on a phishing email.

Several recent studies have confirmed that attacks by trusted insiders are on the rise, and are very damaging and costly to an organization. Yet most conventional security analytics solutions cause their own problems by generating tidal waves of alerts — many of them false positives — that overwhelm security operations center (SOC) analysts and obscure the true high-priority threats.

Hiring qualified analysts is increasingly challenging and costly, and turning off the alerting systems is not the answer either.

Instead, the Haystax Constellation user behavior analytics (UBA) platform acts as a force multiplier for existing SOC teams. It automates many of the SOC’s threat detection, identification, triaging and investigative tasks through the use of advanced artificial intelligence techniques like probabilistic modeling and machine learning, freeing up the analyst to focus on what matters most. And because it analyzes data from a wide variety of internal and external sources, it finds weak threat signals and other high-risk behavioral indicators that network-only detection systems miss, while fully protecting the privacy of monitored individuals.

In real-world deployments, Constellation has helped leading financial institutions prevent IP theft and employee fraud that other systems did not detect, and in a recent operational evaluation almost exactly mirrored the judgments of seasoned security investigators vetting personnel for ongoing clearance-worthiness at a majorent agency — only at a scale and speed that no human investigator could hope to match.

Haystax will be discussing how the advanced UBA capabilities of Constellation address a variety of critical security missions — including insider threats — at the upcoming Fishtech Pro Tour. See how Constellation’s predictive analytics can help your SOC team get ahead of threats before they become crises.