Haystax Product Update: Next-Gen Field Reporting

By John Boatman, October 4, 2018 | SHARE

Police patrols, school resource officers and other field-deployed personnel who need to share intelligence and incident reports with their commanders now can use a new mobile app — Field Reports — in the Constellation analytics platform.

The Field Reports app (see images below left and right) is the next generation of the Constellation Mobile Indicator, which users in the first-responder community have long relied on to submit incident alerts, status reports and other observations from the field during events and routine patrol operations. Such reports from the field are a vital source of domain awareness in all Constellation safety and security solutions.

field reports

Traditional Mobile Indicator reporting categories have been migrated to the new app, including suspicious vehicles or packages, surveillance activities, trespassing, accidents and more — and new categories can be added to the list. An alert typically is submitted with a selected category plus supporting text information (talk-to-text can be used to enter the information) and photos. All submissions are automatically geo-tagged and time-stamped.

Field Reports submissions are displayed instantly in the cloud-based Constellation web application, where intelligence analysts can search and sort, and cross-reference new alerts with existing data. Individual field reports (see image below) may be edited and updated as needed, and each can be ‘promoted’ to a full Constellation incident if deemed appropriate. Users can generate custom-sorted or -filtered reports from the full list, or simply view incoming alerts on the Constellation map interface in context with other domain information such as critical assets and scheduled events.

field reporting

Among the advantages of new Field Reports app are: 1) Tight integration with the Mobile Constellation suite of apps; 2) Template-driven, so that each tenant can have its own defined dropdown menu of observation categories (some tenant configurations accommodate more than one template at a time); 3) Individual observation categories can generate custom icons on the Constellation map.

The Mobile Constellation app for Android currently supports Field Reports, and iOS Mobile Constellation support is coming soon. Existing users with system administrator rights can add it to their Constellation tenants with a few short clicks. Also, the app is compatible with tenants using single-sign-on (SSO).

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NOTE: Learn how Field Reports and other Constellation safety and security apps can help you meet your domain awareness and information-sharing requirements. Click here to schedule a demo and find the solution that’s right for you.