Haystax Product Update: Functionality Enhancements

By John Boatman, November 19, 2018 | SHARE

Haystax risk-mitigation software products support missions as dissimilar as critical infrastructure protection and insider threat mitigation. At the core of these diverse applications, though, is a single analytics platform designed for streamlined workflows and faster decision-making.

The Haystax development team continually enhances the capabilities of its mission-specific apps and viewing environments. Over several recent product releases, moreover, it has improved how users export their data, search across apps and manage other tasks within the Haystax analytics platform.

Some of the more noteworthy capability and functionality upgrades now implemented include:

Data Export

Since many of our users need to compile reports and conduct further analysis on data generated by various apps in the Haystax system, we have developed a simple way for them to export information on assets, assessments, incidents and more — even aggregated data from the Map app — into Excel spreadsheets.

For example, users of the Assessments app can click on the new Export button at the top right of their screens (image below) and download an aggregation of completed assessments into Excel. For users who employ several different types of assessments, each separate assessment template has its own spreadsheet. Results show one assessment per row, with each individual question as columns. In this way every single answer is captured in the spreadsheet. Filtering which assessments are included in export gives the user a measure of control over what is downloaded.

For the Assets, Events, Incidents and Field Reports apps, the columns in the Excel file will match the columns seen in the apps’ list-view data tables. Filtering works here as well, allowing for customized reports or specific kinds of data analysis.

Using the same Export button in the Map app, whatever items are on-screen (or in a user-specified geo-fence) will be exported to Excel, with high-level overview information for each object along with a URL linking directly to that object. Whatever list of objects shows up in the Map’s waterfall list of items (which reflects the current view) will be exported to Excel.


An advanced search app has been developed to allow for more comprehensive displays of search results than provided through the system’s main search box. The new app can search multiple words using ‘OR’ or ‘AND’ between words; ‘NOT’ is likewise supported to exclude a word. The app also supports grouping terms in quotation marks for phrase matching.

The Settings window in the Search app (image below) allows users to tailor exactly the displayed columns per object type in the system. These settings are saved and reopened on the next session. Results are presented per object type with each set in its own data table, paginated and sorted.

The type-ahead system used in conventional text searches has also been improved to make it quicker and more reliable.

User Experience

Numerous other enhancements have been made to provide added functionality or to simplify user actions across the Haystax interface, include the following:


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NOTE: To learn more about the Haystax analytic platform or to schedule a demo to see how our tailored products can meet your specific risk-mitigation needs, visit www.haystax.com.