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Center for Digital Education Reports on LASPD School Safety Assessments

Center for Digital Education featured a story focused on how a mobile app by Haystax Technology is helping Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD) officers conduct school safety assessments. The Center for Digital Education serves as a resource for the education market, researching K-12 and higher education technology trends and providing insight and information on technology issues for both education experts and industry leaders. LASPD officers previously had been conducting school vulnerability assessments on paper, which often encompassed 40-page, handwritten reports. Now, thanks to a mobile app from Haystax, LASPD officers are able to easily input information regarding school vulnerabilities. These reports offer school administrators key information they can use to shore up vulnerabilities and make district schools safer for students of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), which encompasses more than 1,200 campuses. “We worked collaboratively,” Sgt. Stephen Mayoral said. “During the first couple of versions, officers would use the application in the field, and they would come back with suggestions. Haystax made changes within the program, and the officers are very happy with the final version. It was field tested and ultimately tailored to what the officers wanted.” Please click here to read the full article on Center for Digital Education

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