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Haystax Product Update: Enhanced Insider Risk Management

insider threat

Intelligence and security analysts who monitor threats on a daily basis will be able to pinpoint their organizations’ biggest risks with greater fidelity and speed, thanks to recent workflow and capability improvements Haystax Technology has made in the latest release of its user behavior analytics (UBA) solution,  Haystax for Insider Threat.


The Haystax Dashboard is the analyst’s home-screen environment — the place where the entire organization’s risk results are displayed, and the launching point for deeper investigations into the new high-priority threats that emerge each day.

The new release includes a number of Dashboard enhancements, including:

Security and User Management

Securing insider threat data by role and need-to-know is critical to ensuring the success of an insider threat program. Haystax has rolled out a number of other enhancements around system administration and security to empower system administrators to easily configure security for their environment.

Recent upgrades include:


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