Agencies with large cleared populations have no systematic way of detecting existing personnel who show signs of deviating from legal, financial or personal norms.

As a result, even the riskiest individuals can go undetected until after a major adverse event occurs.

Haystax’s operationally-proven security analytics platform provides early indications of workforce risk among cleared personnel. The system continuously measures the clearance-worthiness of entire agency populations by applying probabilistic modeling and other artificial intelligence techniques to a wide range of internal and third-party information sources.

By continuously updating individual trustworthiness scores every time new data is applied, the system proactively identifies personnel with the riskiest behaviors, who may warrant further investigation.

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One Platform: Continuous Evaluation
  • Combines AI techniques and workflow automation to improve the frequency and timeliness of continuous evaluations
  • Filters out 97% of the 'false positives' generated by most conventional data-analytics tools
  • Functions at the volume, velocity and variety of today's threats
  • Adheres to widely accepted adjudicative guidelines
  • Provides transparency in its chain of reasoning, for analytically defensible results

Model-based analytics focused on people, not devices

The power of trustworthiness scoring

Agencies can overcome the challenge caused by a lack of resources and time-consuming manual processes with Haystax’s model-first analytics. Our patented approach applies artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to reason like a team of expert data analysts and investigators, processing entire populations through the platform and assigning everyone a prioritized trustworthiness score based on their behavior. This workflow automation frees individuals to focus on continuously evaluating only the highest-risk individuals, thus lowering data analysis costs and adjudicative staff burdens.

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Analytically defensible technology

It’s all about transparency

Embedded in our Haystax platform is a ‘whole-person’ mathematical model representing hundreds of positive and negative behaviors. CE data from approved sources or collected in background investigations is run through our model and displayed within the Assets app. Because Haystax is proven in operational settings and built to meet specific CE guidelines, the platform is transparent rather than ‘black-boxed’. The Assets app visualizes details on how a risk score has been is calculated – giving CE departments an analytically defensible way to demonstrate why an individual needs to be continuously evaluated.

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Large Government Defense Agency
A large U.S. defense agency needed a better way to identify cleared personnel at risk of becoming active threats. Haystax deployed its analytics solution to continuously evaluate and rank potential insider threats at the agency. In evaluating the system, the agency found that the Haystax CE solution's results were strongly correlated to its own adjudicators' reasoning. Haystax was then asked to extend use of the tool to cover most of the agency's cleared population. As a result of this deployment, the agency gained tighter control over its CE processes while also improving threat alerting, investigation timelines and information sharing across multiple functional areas.
"The only known system for prioritizing personnel according to positive and negative nodes of trust."
Testimonial by Government Defense Agency
Government Defense Agency
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