Corporate security directors face an increasingly complex risk environment, from terrorism, civil unrest and natural disasters to espionage, sabotage and workplace violence – even pandemics.

No firm is immune to such threats and hazards, but effectively managing them can become prohibitively costly. Haystax has developed a suite of applications designed specifically to help corporate security decision-makers and analysts navigate this challenging environment. Our system:

  • Alerts corporate leaders to their most likely threats and natural hazards
  • Provides critical security and operational information about each physical facility, regardless of its size or geographic location
  • Allows risk managers to identify and mitigate their biggest vulnerabilities
  • Enables security teams to manage incidents and major events – from the ops center or out in the field

Equipped with these insights, CSOs can better anticipate their risks, communicate with leadership and limit their company’s exposure to financial, legal and reputational liabilities. Read on to discover how Haystax can help your organization.

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Applications for Enterprise-Wide Safety and Security

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Protect Physical Assets

From small firms to global conglomerates, security teams can achieve end-to-end asset awareness in the Haystax platform. They can maintain key data about each physical facility, including floor and site maps, emergency plans, photos and key contacts; conduct threat and vulnerability assessments such as HAZMAT, fire pre-planning, SWAT and pandemic risk; link incidents, scheduled events and digital threats to particular assets; and view all information in context on a map or in a timeline. And because the system can integrate data from existing sensors, cameras and other hardware, companies can gain maximum leverage from their existing security investments.

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Monitor Global Threats

Haystax provides around-the-clock threat and hazard awareness, giving security teams the actionable intelligence they need to respond quickly and with confidence to emerging risks. Capabilities include real-time monitoring of digital threats from news reports and RSS feeds, geo-located alers of incidents and scheduled events, plus weather, hazard, traffic, sensor, camera and other data from third-party feeds. All information is seamlessly integrated on a digital map to provide contextual domain awareness, and can also be cross-referenced and analyzed to spot emerging patterns and trends.

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Manage Incidents

Instantaneous incident alerting and tracking is possible across the organization, thanks to Haystax’s web and mobile apps. Each incident report is automatically time-stamped and geo-tagged, and can be categorized by incident type, severity and status. Monitored digital threat reports can be added as incidents, as can alerts generated by field personnel who encounter suspicious packages, facility damage, altercations and other adverse activity. Because of automated geolocation, personnel equipped with the mobile app can be precisely located and tracked at all times. And an in-built reporting capability means that daily or weekly incident reports can be generated for leadership awareness.

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Secure Scheduled Events

Corporate events that are planned in advance can be uploaded to the Haystax system, allowing users to monitor the events and view them against assets, incidents and other data on the map or timeline. With this enhanced context, security teams can better plan for enhanced security during high-profile corporate functions, pending protests or other local scheduled activities, as well as in cases of potentially controversial internal events, such as a corporate reorganization or workforce reduction. Users have also managed their regularly scheduled fire, active-assailant and other safety drills in the system.

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Haystax has proven the effectiveness of its integrated risk management analytics platform at a variety of private enterprises, from multinational banks to technology and manufacturing conglomerates to a major U.S. sports league. A leading bank used it to find instances of malware and fraud, while another found previously hidden insider threats. The sports league uses our analytics and reporting capabilities to maintain fan safety, and Haystax has played a central role in security operations at nine of the last 13 Super Bowls. Even the U.S. government has relied on our analytics to continuously vet the trustworthiness of over one million of its cleared personnel.
“To extend our leadership position, we collaborated with Haystax this year to test its technology. Their security analytics platform is allowing us to move to a more dynamic and predictive risk posture.”
Testimonial by Nick Scott, National Australia Bank's Head of Security Governance
Nick Scott, National Australia Bank's Head of Security Governance
The power of Haystax for Corporate Security is that the entire solution is viewable on a single screen from any device and at any time, making it the ideal information sharing platform for security awareness and response at the speed of today's threats.
Contact one of our Haystax representatives to find out what all-hazards risk management could look like for your enterprise.