Investigating cyber crimes can be tedious and time consuming. Security operations center analysts are often overwhelmed with alerts, many of which are false positives.

And the biggest adverse events are often the most well-concealed

Haystax helps security investigators proactively connect the dots, rather than respond after an incident has occurred. Expert models of individual behavior and stressors, representing hundreds of key risk indicators, analyze diverse data sources to identify and rank indicators of account compromise and fraud.

The system pinpoints risk even when the signals are weak or the data is sparse. Automated workflows enhance collaboration and case management, freeing analysts to focus on mitigating their biggest threats.

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One platform for cyber-crime prevention
  • Blends multiple artificial intelligence techniques to automate threat detection and response
  • Highlights the true positives, while filtering out 97% of all false positives
  • Scales to the volume and velocity of existing threats
  • Adapts to new threats as they emerge
  • Provides simple apps and an intuitive interface for easy user adoption
  • Acts as a force multiplier for existing SOC teams

Model-based analytics focused on people, not devices

Trustworthiness scoring beats analyzing network data every time

Cyber-crime subject matter expertise is scarce, and conventional data analysis techniques used to distinguish real threats from false positives are time-consuming. At the heart of the Haystax for Cyber-Crime Prevention solution is a Bayesian inference network, a probabilistic model that ‘reasons’ like multiple cyber-crime specialists. The model mathematically represents hundreds of key risk indicators, culled from subject-matter expertise and turned into code.

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Helping the SOC analyst

Automate investigative workflows and focus on your biggest risks

Enhancing the SOC’s ability to quickly mitigate fraud and compromised accounts is a challenging task given the vast amount of data to be collected, collated, processed and analyzed. This daunting challenge led Haystax to build its Cyber-Crime Prevention solution. Working in close collaboration with some of the world’s largest banks, Haystax developed workflow automation tools that support analysts in quickly identifying new or previously hidden compromised accounts and other fradulent activities. SOC automation is enabled via apps that ease and support the time-sensitive processes involved in a SOC analyst’s daily workflow.

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National Australia Bank
Haystax's solution for detecting cyber-crimes was developed alongside some of the world's leading financial institutions. For example, National Australia Bank (NAB) has always been at the forefront of research to ensure the security of the bank and its customers, including the use of big-data technologies to identify malware and fraud. NAB collaborated with Haystax Technology to test its analytics technology in relation to real-time malware identification on millions of daily transactions. The results demonstrated that encoding analyst expertise and judgment in an automated system can identify multiple anomalies that have a high likelihood of indicating compromise.
"Their security analytics platform is allowing us to move to a more dynamic and predictive risk posture."
Testimonial by Nick Scott, Head of Security Governance, National Australia Bank
Nick Scott, Head of Security Governance, National Australia Bank
Is your SOC team overwhelmed trying to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats?
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