Emergency management agencies face a wide array of challenges, from planning for many different kinds of crises to coordinating with multiple stakeholders across broad geographic areas under stressful response conditions.

Often, too, they must function under severe budgetary and resource constraints.

Haystax offers an operationally-proven cloud-based tool that gives EM agencies complete control over planning and coordination, both in command and operations centers and out in the field.

There are web apps for scheduling emergency drills, designating shelters and evacuation routes and monitoring social media and digital news feeds. Mobile apps are used to conduct vulnerability assessments, submit incident alerts and report damage. A digital map integrates weather, traffic, CAD, video and other third-party feeds and displays the data in context with critical assets, for added situational awareness.

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One Platform: Total Emergency Management Awareness
  • Maintains an up-to-date catalog of all critical infrastructure, precisely geo-tagged
  • Allows commanders to track vehicles, supplies and field personnel in real time
  • Features an 'offline' mode to ensure continued functionality even when no signal is available
  • Provides a mobile app for rapid post-emergency damage assessments
  • Enables the creation of custom in-depth reports to support after-action reviews

Haystax pioneered the risk-based approach to disaster preparedness. Our cloud-based Haystax for Emergency Management suite of software applications is now one of the most widely deployed and trusted systems for collecting pre-planning data on critical assets and resources, and for conducting threat and vulnerability assessments on schools, hospitals and other critical infrastructure assets. Equipped with all-hazard risk information, emergency managers can conduct locally- and regionally-relevant planning exercises and drills, adopt measures to protect people and property in advance of a disaster and be prepared to deploy the right response personnel at a moment’s notice.

Improve response coordination

Be prepared for any hazard

Having the capacity to manage and share information across agencies and jurisdictions in real time is essential for prioritizing and coordinating actions during crisis responses. Haystax has developed situational awareness and tactical resource management tools to help EM decision-makers view information from an extensive array of sources and distill the most relevant data into easy-to-understand insights. For example, our mobile apps speed communications between remote teams and command posts, help track prepositioned resources and allow field personnel to quickly share photos and reports with senior managers and partner agencies. Our goal is to empower emergency managers to make confident information-driven decisions in high-pressure situations.

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Effectively manage recovery operations

Haystax mobile apps for debris management and preliminary damage assessment are invaluable tools in the aftermath of crises

Our rapid damage assessment app enables users to capture and share geolocated documentation of debris and damage to residential, governmental or commercial facilities in real time, facilitating situational awareness during the recovery phase. Haystax mobile solutions allow on-site assessors to answer questions and capture information in “offline mode,” independent of satellite or WiFi connectivity. The information captured in our mobile solutions is documented in a web-based system to support recovery processes, including individual assistance and public assistance, and to facilitate automated reports throughout the recovery phase.

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DFWA Metroplex
Haystax is one of the pioneers in implementing a risk-based public-safety management system that has enabled first responders to more rapidly share and act on information across jurisdictional boundaries. From wildfires in California to hurricanes in Florida, Haystax has helped emergency management agencies across the U.S. prepare for and coordinate dozens of natural disasters and man-made emergencies. In the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington (DFWA) metroplex, for example, emergency responders achieved much better risk prioritization and contextual awareness during major tornadoes and other destructive events.
"During Hurricane Harvey, the Houston EOC was working at full capacity during multiple days of torrential rains. The Haystax team saw this as an opportunity to improve public safety now and in the future. Together we developed some amazing services that will benefit Houston and public safety professionals throughout the country."
Testimonial by Jack Hanagriff, City of Houston Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security
Jack Hanagriff, City of Houston Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security
Emergency management agencies seeking a cost-effective way to prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters and man-made events are invited to contact one of our representatives for a demonstration of our fully integrated web and mobile EM apps.