Companies face a wide array of security risks, regardless of their size or location.

As cyber and physical threats grow more complex and intertwined, IT and security leaders are under pressure to adopt a more all-encompassing risk management approach to protecting their enterprises.

Haystax has developed a cloud-based software analytics platform that eliminates the artificial boundaries between IT, physical and personnel security, integrating seamlessly into existing corporate SOC environments to provide: ‘whole-person’ analysis of potential insider risk; all-hazard critical infrastructure awareness from single manufacturing sites to sprawling global operations; proactive warnings of malware, fraud, sabotage and other cyber threats; and single-screen reporting and monitoring of incidents, major events and natural disasters.

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One Platform: Haystax Enterprise Security Solution
  • Alerts corporate security leaders to their highest-priority insider threats
  • Fully integrates with existing security sensors, data and analytics
  • Monitors social media and other open sources for emerging threats
  • Maintains up-to-date information about each physical facility, including threats and vulnerabilities
  • Provides out-of-the-box functionality at minimal cost via the cloud

Companies face a growing array of direct and indirect threats, from lone-wolf and insider attacks, to malware and fraud, to terrorism and major natural disasters – even pandemics. No firm is immune to such threats and hazards, but effectively managing these risks is a complex task that can become prohibitively costly. Haystax for Corporate Security provides contextual threat intelligence across enterprises of any size from local or regional firms to global corporations. Haystax puts your ops center on one screen, viewable 24/7 on laptops or mobile devices. See prioritized threats on a map, geolocated with your critical facilities and personnel locations. Monitor emerging threats on digital media as well as breaking news and other RSS feeds. Track personnel in the field. Integrated into one platform, you gain complete end-to-end awareness.

Uniformly manage your assets

Gain total awareness of your threat environment

The Haystax Analytics Platform features a tool for cataloging all critical information about your buildings, vehicles, people and systems. Store floor plans, site maps and emergency plans for each facility, plus key contact information and photos. Know where all your vehicles are located at all times. Monitor and access your sensor and alarm systems on the map. Conduct threat and vulnerability assessments on facilities via our mobile apps. Haystax acts as a virtual operations center that combines real-time asset data management with other types of domain awareness information, enabling you to see emerging patterns and trends around each facility in proper context – from terrorism and crime activity to weather and seismic events.

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Leverage existing security investments

Traditional corporate security operations rely heavily on cameras, guards and radios to stay on top of their threats.

Haystax boosts the effectiveness of your in-place systems by deploying advanced software applications and analytics to maximize the data they produce, increasing your security team’s reach, visibility and connectedness. Tightly integrated mobile apps turn field personnel into sensors – enabling them to report incidents and submit suspicious activity alerts and status updates – while giving leadership around-the-clock command of their security environment. Open application interfaces allow enterprises to layer in emergency dispatch, video, statistical and other existing feeds. Maximize your current security apparatus by spotting threats more quickly and accelerating your responses.

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Haystax has proven the effectiveness of its integrated risk management analytics platform at a variety of private enterprises, from multinational banks to technology and manufacturing conglomerates to a major U.S. sports league. A leading bank used it to find instances of malware and fraud, while another found previously hidden insider threats. The sports league uses our analytics and reporting capabilities to maintain fan safety, and Haystax has played a central role in security operations at nine of the last 12 Super Bowls. Even the U.S. government has relied on our analytics to continuously vet the trustworthiness of over 1 million of its cleared personnel.
“To extend our leadership position, we collaborated with Haystax Technology this year to test Haystax’s technology in relation to real-time malware identification. Their security analytics platform is allowing us to move to a more dynamic and predictive risk posture.”
Testimonial by Nick Scott , National Australian Bank's Head of Security Governance
Nick Scott , National Australian Bank's Head of Security Governance
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