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Every Second Counts at the Indy 500

It took 0.060 seconds this year to declare a winner in America’s most famous annual auto race. It takes less than a second for a security breach to change the course of how first responders react. The opportunity to monitor event security on a mobile app enables first responders to become a formidable proactive force. Haystax has been working closely with the Indy 500 organizers and law enforcement over the past several years to ensure mobile and desktop innovation can be applied for real-time monitoring. For this year’s race, Haystax put together a solution similar to other large events, yet customized to the race responders needs. Specifically, the DS7 Mobile Indicator Application was used to help bomb/SWAT team members identify a potential threat, take a picture of the situation, give a quick text and submit the report, which is immediately prioritized by the DS7 System, geo-coded and time stamped. Additionally, the DS7 Application has the capability of blue force tracking, which when active, allows the incident commander to see where officers are deployed. With all of this information flowing simultaneously the Chief of Homeland Security for the City of Indianapolis Gary Coons and other public safety leaders have greater situational awareness and can make immediate and accurate decisions, saving time, money and lives. The greatest advantage of DS7 is that it allows field reports to be viewed and submitted in real time.  Another benefit is that the reports aren’t classified, so they can be shared with all other commanders encouraging collaboration across teams. As the largest-attended sporting event in the United States drawing close to 300,00 bystanders, situational monitoring at the Indy 500 is paramount.  Like other large-scale public sporting events, we must continue to raise the bar on incident management and event response functions by providing real-time monitoring capabilities that are technologically integrated, tailored to the needs of the event and are as responsive as the cars on the track.

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