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FedScoop Goes Behind the Scenes, Reports on Super Bowl Safety Efforts at Haystax Technology

FedScoop visited Haystax Technology’s headquarters in McLean, Va. to get a first-hand look at the same technology being used to secure major public events in the days leading up to Super Bowl 50. Public safety officers and first responders in the Bay Area will be using Haystax CalCOP, or California Common Operating Picture, which is powered by the Haystax Analytics Platform, a scalable, multi-tenant cloud architecture and built on leading open-source technologies. Haystax CalCOP has been in use by eight core urban areas in the state of California, who all use CalCOP to share real time information on public safety threats, as well as the status of more than 80,000 critical infrastructure pieces across the state. In Santa Clara, a myriad of public safety and security agencies are leveraging the software to keep an eye on the threat landscape, giving first responders a shared operating platform – key in responding to potential incidents. “This gives agents real-time visibility of potential threats in the area, and makes it easier to coordinate across agencies. It’s a practical way to use big data for security.” – Bryan Ware, CTO, Haystax Technology Please click here to read the full piece on

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