Fire departments everywhere need an easier way of gathering, updating and sharing information with the right stakeholders, at the right time.

The lack of pre-planning data during fire emergencies is a critical shortcoming that has led to tragic loss of life in towns and cities across the U.S.

Haystax has developed an integrated cloud-based solution that enables fire departments to conduct field inspections and manage pre-fire plans in a single environment.

All critical information on facilities such as construction methods, hazardous materials stores and ingress/egress routes, plus floor plans, photos and key contact information is gathered in advance and securely stored for easy access by commanders and firefighters during and after an emergency.

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One platform for all pre-planning needs
  • Integrates web and mobile apps for rapid on-scene data access
  • Enables the conduct of fire safety assessments for each asset in the system
  • Provides a single environment for storing critical facility information
  • Allows for third-party map layer imports such as CAD, wildfire locations and weather data
  • Aids in post-fire investigations through damage assessments and after-action reporting

Gain instant visibility into calls for service and responses in progress on the Haystax map. The information can be accessed through secure web or mobile applications and allows users to drill into details right from their devices. The incident commander, fire chief or any other user is thus free to focus on their job.

All-digital pre-planning assessments

Real-time fire activity monitoring

No more pen and paper assessments. No more rekeying errors. No more binders that collect dust on a shelf… Haystax for Fire Safety does it all digitally. Conduct fire pre-planning assessments that are NFPA 1620 compliant; store building floor plans, site maps and emergency plans and maintain photos and contact details for key facility personnel – all at your fingertips in a fire emergency. Fire departments can achieve up to an 80% increase in the number of assessments conducted with improved speed and data completeness and reliability.

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24/7 mobility speeds decision-making

Use your tablet or smartphone to conduct damage assessments, take photos, write observations and geo-locate key rooms and entry points. Your data will show up instantly in the Incidents app and also appear on the map, helping you see critical details in your on-scene threat picture.
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Houston Fire Department
The Houston Fire Department (HFD) has deployed the Haystax system as its central repository for managing all data on protected assets, as well as for fire pre-planning and hazard assessment data. HFD selected Haystax because of the speed at which applications could be deployed across the region, along with our domain expertise and proven security and system performance. Benefits of the system include improved ability to connect emergency management services and law enforcement with high-quality data, and standardization of fire planning and response processes across the region. In addition, data access times decreased from over 60 minutes to around 30 seconds.
"The ability for team members to use the Mobile Indicator app, which has better location services, as well as share photographs of their location in real time, cut down on confusion and led to faster response. The technology allowed field members to report issues of a sensitive nature back to the command post without having to use portable radios. This provided increased situational awareness."
Testimonial by Jeffrey Cook, District Fire Chief, City of Houston
Jeffrey Cook, District Fire Chief, City of Houston
Fire departments who wish to improve their pre-fire and on-scene awareness are invited to contact one of our representatives for a demonstration of our fully integrated suite of web and mobile fire safety apps.