Corporate Security

Physical and digital risks are prioritized and visualized in one platform.

Haystax helps corporate security leaders protect their facilities and employees with a cloud-based software analytics platform that eliminates the artificial boundaries between IT, physical and personnel security. Our suite of task-focused applications integrate seamlessly into existing corporate SOC environments, providing all-hazard asset protection, incident reporting and monitoring, digital threat awareness, event security management and natural-disaster preparedness.


Public Safety

Critical infrastructure protection and all-hazards preparedness

Haystax has developed an integrated cloud-based solution that combines web-based tools for managing critical asset data and monitoring real-time digital feeds with mobile apps for conducting facility assessments, reporting incidents and providing routine informational updates from the field — significantly reducing reliance on pen-and-paper assessments, printed maps and field interview cards. Fresh ground intelligence can be cross-referenced with existing asset and event data, analyzed quickly and shared across multiple stakeholder groups. As a result, law enforcement, school safety, fire and emergency management leaders can maintain a common operating picture of their areas of responsibility, giving them the contextual awareness they need to respond with confidence to any incident or emergency.


Asset protection, domain awareness and information sharing tools for all-hazards risk management.

Whether they operate in urban, suburban or rural environments, first responders face an array of challenges protecting their inhabitants and critical facilities. Attacks, accidents and natural disasters often happen with little warning, and can impact broad geographic areas and vulnerable populations. Haystax public safety solutions give law enforcement, school safety, fire and emergency management agencies instant access to the right information at the right time — including the ability to share intelligence and analysis and monitor, report, alert and respond to incidents — from a single unified environment. Read on to learn more about our mission-focused solutions and services.

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