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Get The Big Picture With Enterprise Threat Management

When it comes to IT security and threat detection real time ability is critical in all aspects of the system. This includes having the ability to become aware of threats, monitor social media and public information, implement effective cybersecurity measures and be able to respond effectively and immediately. This is where Enterprise Threat Management comes into the big picture. Unlike ad hoc types of systems where security staff has to try to pull information from various programs and sources and integrate it into a cohesive report, Enterprise Threat Management does it all for you. This ensures all potential threats are looked at using integrated and accurate analytics and then they are determined to be relevant and actionable or something which will only require ongoing monitoring and awareness. Getting Data With Enterprise Threat Management data collection and assessment is all done automatically through the system. This includes both data from inside the company based on your own pre-set user protocols, as well as the use of patented algorithms which assess internal and external data in real time and give it a priority. With potential threats prioritized using all available data the security team or management group then has a basis to make educated decisions about how to proceed. This is critical in preventing wasted time on low-level risks and missing higher level risks because the data is found across many sources and is not matched and recognized for the serious indicator it is. Internal Threat Recognition One of the most challenging aspects of monitoring internal threats or possible breaches is because of the number of false positives traditional threat management systems produce. Over time, security professionals start to ignore these false positives, weakening the entire system. With Enterprise Threat Management, data is collected about each individual and then used to create whole-person profiles of each individual. Algorithms constantly change when additional data is discovered to add to the whole-person view, providing up to date and relevant understanding of the possible threat of any individual within an organization, business or entity. Pairing this with the ability to not only implement industry required policy compliance but individual company or organization compliance requirements and you have a very effective system. With Enterprise Threat Management all threats, both internal and external, are assessed continually and in real time. With advanced threat detection always in place, reports which are integrated and use a full spectrum of data sources, your security couldn’t be stronger. To learn more click here

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