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Haystax Cybersecurity Specialist Honored with SANS Difference Maker Award

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Haystax cybersecurity specialist Loilette Loderick has been awarded a SANS 2015 Difference Maker award for her development of web application security for the U.S. Coast Guard. Each year, SANS celebrates those individuals whose innovation, skill and effort have driven real advances in information security. Loderick meets and even surpasses those criteria in her exceptional work for the Coast Guard. Over a period of a year and a half, with no previous program in place, Loderick single-handedly initiated the Coast Guard’s web application security program and began extensive training with web application developers in order to inspire a secure coding approach and remediate vulnerabilities. She manually walked through many thousands of web application risks and expertly maintained Coast Guard accountability of all outstanding vulnerabilities, reporting directly to the Defense Information Systems Agency and CG Cyber Command on a weekly basis. Through Loderick’s hard work, steadfast determination and dedication to mission, Haystax Cybersecurity was able to excel on delivery of this new practice area and allow for the Coast Guard to compete with better funded and resourced branches of the Department of Defense. Loderick’s recognition as one of the “People Who Made a Difference in Security in 2015” takes place December 15, 2015 during the SANS Cyber Defense Initiative conference in Washington, D.C. Haystax is honored to have such a dedicated and innovative team member who’s making a real difference for our customers. Congratulations, Loilette!

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