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Haystax Endorses INSA’s Guidance on Improving Continuous Threat Monitoring and Evaluation Processes

Product-Level Innovations Underscore Alliance’s Reform Recommendations

McLean, Virginia, March 20, 2014 – Haystax Technology, Inc. today announced its support for the Intelligence and National Security Alliance’s (INSA) recommendations on continuous monitoring and evaluation to reform and improve the security clearance process. The recommendations are part of INSA’s Security Reform Policy Council (SRPC) white paper titled, “Leveraging Emerging Technologies in the Security Clearance Process,” released earlier this month. With recent security breaches highlighting the need for improving periodic reinvestigation (PR) process, the INSA white paper encourages greater public-private cooperation to develop an enhanced PR system that both detects and continually evaluates the potential for threats within an organization. As a lead developer of emerging technologies supporting the clearance process, Haystax’s innovative Advanced Threat Analytics capabilities closely align with INSA’s recommendations to improve the PR process. Specifically, through the use of patented algorithms and sophisticated behavioral models Haystax’s next generation products contain continuous monitoring and evaluation capabilities that seek to increase awareness of potential issues before they arise, create efficiencies in the PR process and construct a holistic picture of clearance holders. “This white paper stresses the importance of providing government agencies with tools that can effectively and efficiently offer a comprehensive view of clearance holders while optimizing their resources and maximizing efficiency,” said Bryan S. Ware, chief technology officer, Haystax. “Through thought leadership, INSA reinforces the immediate need to increase the regularity and consistency of the security clearance reinvestigation process.” About Haystax Haystax Technology, Inc. provides next-generation products, systems and service solutions to sift, refine and analyze large, disparate and unstructured volumes of data to reveal undiscovered connections and enable precise, actionable intelligence for government and commercial market clients. In essence, these technologies allow users to find “the needle in the haystack” quickly and reliably. For further information about Haystax Technology, visit Media Contact: Laura Taylor 202-271-8216


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