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Haystax Insider Threat Expert Contributes to INSA Paper

The Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) has released a new paper, Managing Insider Threats in a Remote Work Environment: Lessons from the Pandemic. Haystax is pleased that our Director of Insider Threat Operations, David Sanders, contributed to the paper as part of INSA’s seven-member Insider Threat Subcommittee.

INSA notes in its paper that “remote work is here to stay,” and as public- and private-sector organizations revise their policies and procedures to accommodate its wider adoption, “they must consider new approaches to insider threat programs.”

Among the biggest challenges created by remote work are new information security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by outside hackers or malicious insiders and increased psychological stress for employees.

Among INSA’s 10 recommendations for insider threat program managers, human resources officials, supervisors and senior leaders are:

INSA, a non-profit trade association, has made the report available for download here.

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About David Sanders: Prior to joining Haystax, David Sanders led the team that built and operated a new insider threat program at a large defense and aerospace corporation. There, he drafted policies, concepts of operations and procedures, while leading working groups, collaborating with stakeholders, generating leads, and conducting inquiries. He has actively worked on more than 250 insider threat cases of varying types.

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