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Haystax Offers Insight into Future of Public Safety with Development of FirstNet

In the near future, police, fire and EMS will all be able to rely on the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet), a first-of-its-kind network that will be both dedicated and secured for first responder communication and coordination. Recently, FirstNet sent out an RFP for the actual building and implementation of the network.

One of the primary benefits of FirstNet is enhanced coordination and communication among first responders. Applications like Haystax Technology’s Mobile Field Interview app will allow officers to record notes in the field and instantly share them via the network, rather than handwriting them and having to share them manually.

Doug Pasley, a former officer with the Tampa Police Department and now Field Operations Support Lead at Haystax Technology, spoke with Randy Southerland of SourceSecurity and offered his thoughts on FirstNet: “The beautiful thing is putting this information where everybody can use it. Say I document a field interview with a bad guy and he leaves me and goes on to commit a crime. (Police) are already using the data I just submitted because there’s no time delay. The technology world is making it possible to investigate crimes that much faster. By getting that information to the detective, he can sit in his office and do an area search minutes after I hit submit and find a bad guy he may be looking for.”

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