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Haystax Product Update: Empowering Tenant Admins

Every Haystax solution is deployed is its own tenant, and each tenant has unique app combinations and user profiles — even tailored lexicons, theming and color schemes — that reflect the specific mission priorities of that particular customer. After all, the tools you use should mirror your daily workflows, regardless of what task you need to accomplish.

Haystax equally believes in the importance of handing as much operational control as possible to those users who are authorized to act as administrators within their individual tenants.

There is at least one administrator in every Haystax tenant, regardless of whether that individual is the security director of a public school district in Virginia, a financial institution’s insider threat program manager or an emergency management official running our statewide California Common Operating Picture for Threat Awareness (Cal COP) solution.

For as long as the Haystax platform has been deployed, these so-called tenant admins have had the ability to invite new users, select which data group(s) they can be part of and determine what actions they can take (i.e., read, create, edit and/or delete information within each Haystax app).

In the past year, our software development team has been hard at work providing tenant admins with a cluster of powerful new capabilities, giving them further control over how their users interact with the system and an improved visibility into the system itself.

Here are some of the enhancements we’ve rolled out across several recent Haystax product releases:

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