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Haystax Showcases Next Generation Situational Awareness at Urban Shield 2014

McLean, VA, September 5, 2014 – Haystax is participating in the US Urban Shield exercise currently underway in Northern California and will be showcasing its enhanced Watchboard for comprehensive situational awareness. Instead of hard-wired physical integration, the Haystax Watchboard uses sophisticated patented analytics to fuse hundreds of real time public and private data feeds from multiple organizations and channel the information into personalized contextual views for decision makers. The Watchboard visualizations are designed for operators and commanders in the field to speed up    critical decision making. The underlying algorithms continuous monitor the incoming data feeds and prioritize the information based on the end users needs. The Watchboard can compliment existing Digital Sandbox 7 systems without requiring any changes. The new Watchboard, our recently family of upgraded mobile applications and Digital Sandbox 7 applications provide the industry’s most powerful, comprehensive and easiest to deploy Public Safety Management platform. The Bay Area UASI is an existing Haystax customer and information on Urban Shield can be found here.

About Haystax Haystax Technology, Inc. provides next-generation intelligence and analytics solutions that deliver up-to-the-minute situational awareness and actionable intelligence for government and commercial markets. Haystax uses a combination of software and human analysis to turn large, disparate and unstructured data volumes into comprehensive and actionable information. In essence, these technologies allow users to find “the needle in the haystack” quickly and reliably. For further information about Haystax Technology, visit or on Twitter @haystaxtech.

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