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Haystax Technology Chief Technology Officer Bryan Ware to Speak at the 12th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference

Haystax CTO Bryan Ware to present May 5 at the OffshoreAlert Conference at the Ritz-Carlton, Miami Beach, Florida McLean, VA., May 1, 2014 – Haystax Technology Inc., a developer of next-generation intelligence and analytics solutions, today announced that Chief Technology Officer Bryan Ware will be speaking at The 12th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference, which will take place at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach in Miami Beach, Florida from May 4-6, 2014. The session, entitled “Leveraging social media monitoring and analytics to detect fraud” is scheduled at 4:30pm on May 5th. Haystax Chief Technology Officer Bryan Ware, a pioneer in the development and application of analytic methods and tools for critical security and risk applications, will co-present with D.C. Page, Senior Vice President of Consulting and Investigations for Andrews International. The session will demonstrate how organizations can leverage the concepts and techniques of social media monitoring and apply specialized analytics to add a valuable dimension to investigations involving fraud. Social media monitoring is becoming common in the private sector as companies listen to gauge brand sentiment and competition. Leveraging the concepts and techniques of social media monitoring and applying specialized analytics adds a valuable dimension to investigations involving fraud. Mining social media for commercial applications including predicting risk, due diligence, investigations, and security related incidents provides timely, relevant details to enhance such inquiries. For more information or to register, please visit The OffshoreAlert Conference Registration Page. About Haystax Haystax Technology, Inc. provides next-generation intelligence and analytics solutions that deliver up to the minute situational awareness and actionable intelligence for the public and commercial sectors. Haystax uses a combination of software and human analysis to turn large, disparate and unstructured data volumes into comprehensive and actionable information. In essence, these technologies allow users to find “the needle in the haystack” quickly and reliably. For further information about Haystax Technology, visit, on Twitter @haystaxtech

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