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Haystax Technology Lauded for Regional Security Analytics Leadership

The President and CEO of the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA) has called Haystax Technology a “leader in security analytics,” as well as a county “success story.”

At a December 8 launch event celebrating Haystax’s recent investment from Fishtech, a security-focused technology accelerator, Gerald L. Gordon, Ph.D., also spoke about how Haystax has mirrored the county’s economic growth trajectory and broadened market focus.

“When the company began developing risk-management software in the late 1990s,” Dr. Gordon noted, “it focused much of its effort on federal customers. In a similar way, Fairfax County’s economy then was still very focused on federal procurement. Today, [Haystax] sells its technology to leaders in several industry sectors, and Fairfax County has become a prime location for leaders in everything from software and IT to hospitality, financial services and even the automotive industry.”

Haystax was indeed focused in its early days on providing mission-critical solutions to the US intelligence and defense communities. Today, even as Haystax continues to broaden the sophistication of its analytic platform and solutions for federal customers, it is also rapidly developing new products and analytical capabilities for private-sector markets like finance, healthcare and other sectors where decision-makers face difficult security challenges.

L to R: Haystax CEO Bryan Ware, Fishtech Founder/CEO Gary Fish and FCEDA President/CEO Gerald Gordon at Dec. 8 Haystax-Fishtech launch event. Given “its position today as a leader in security analytics,” said Dr. Gordon, “Haystax is a true Fairfax County success story.”

Haystax has received much attention since the Fishtech announcement, not just from FCEDA, The Washington Post and Yahoo! Finance but from media outlets across the globe. Among the more notable articles:

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Note: Dr. Gordon was right on the mark when he said that Haystax illustrates how a business can start and flourish in Fairfax County “thanks to access to a great workforce, partners, customers and investors.” Why don’t you become part of the great – and growing – Haystax workforce? Simply click on our Jobs page to see the exciting career opportunities that await you at Haystax!

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