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Haystax Technology Launches Mobile Haystax Incident Response Application for Public Safety

New iOS app provides command center for first responders, corporate security teams on the go

McLean, VA – May 19, 2016 – Haystax Technology, a leading provider of advanced security analytics and risk management solutions, has launched a mobile version of its powerful Haystax for Incident Management platform, offering a full command center experience on a mobile device. Available as a free download for iPhone and iPad in the App Store, Mobile Haystax allows law enforcement, fire, emergency management and corporate security teams to monitor threats, report and track incidents, manage critical assets, perform risk assessments and collaborate with teams in the field –anywhere and at any time.

“We pioneered mobile command apps for the public safety community, and this is our latest and most advanced generation of capabilities,” said Haystax Technology CEO Bryan Ware. “We’ve closed the feature gap between traditional command centers and mobile apps, giving a command center and officers in the field the ability to share the same dynamic, detailed picture of a situation, providing critical comprehensive awareness of emerging threats.”

Mobile Haystax is fully-integrated with Haystax’s existing mobile applications, including Mobile Field Interview and Mobile Indicator, which are already in use by law enforcement, emergency management and corporate security teams across the country. The app features the same robust capabilities as our Haystax for Incident Management web platform, allowing users to monitor, report, alert and respond to incidents from a single unified environment. Mobile Haystax also allows personnel to view field interviews (FIs) that have been created digitally from Haystax’s Mobile FI app, enabling public safety personnel to conduct FIs from their phone or tablet, rather than on paper as they traditionally have.

The user interface has been designed to ensure maximum speed and efficiency, both of which are crucial to appropriate incident response and remediation efforts. Rapid deployment and time to value are hallmarks of Mobile Haystax, which also offers a new capability allowing it to connect back to Haystax’s Haystax Security Operations Center (C-SOC) outside of Washington DC on an as-needed or continuous basis, for additional support.

Mobile Haystax provides role-based access to applications and functionality within the app itself, meaning individual users get a custom experience based on the level of access they require. It also includes offline capabilities, allowing users to operate even when they lose connectivity during operations.

Haystax Haystax for Incident Management is easy to set up, with no hardware or software requirements, and offers a 14-day free trial. Simply visit this link to get started.

About Haystax Technology
Haystax Technology’s mission is to give decision-makers the advanced risk-management tools they need to prevent, protect against and respond to a wide array of threats to their most critical systems, facilities and people. Every day, some 50 million people and 100,000 assets are protected by organizations using our technology, ranging from local and state agencies and major urban areas, to large commercial enterprises and top federal government agencies.


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