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Haystax Technology Powers Another Successful Urban Shield Training Exercise

For the fourth year in a row, Haystax Technology has supported a successful Urban Shield exercise which was held in the San Francisco Bay Area, September 11-14. Haystax’s public safety cloud applications were used to provide field intelligence and a common operating picture for better incident response for the first responders and emergency management personnel participating in the exercises. We want to thank Jennifer Hancock, Urban Shield Site Coordinator and Sheriff’s Technician II with Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, for her partnership with Haystax and her kind words: I would like to offer our most humble thank you to your technology staff and their contribution to our training scenario. In particular Jason Carroll who was instrumental in the coordination of showcasing your technology in our scenario during our annual first responders training event, Urban Shield 2015, hosted by Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. Our site (Site #31 – Dunsmuir Reservoir Dam) was able to use your technology by having the SWAT teams send photos of the chemical threat, which was one portion of the scenario, in order to identify the specific chemical that would have contaminated the city’s water supply and have Hazmat dispatched to the scene. This was a very important scoring point for every tactical team (32 teams in all) to use and each were successful and scored accordingly. Thank you for your time, energy and commitment to the success of our training event from the bottom of our hearts. We greatly appreciate all you do. We’re grateful to have to Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) Region as a customer and look forward to supporting many more successful Urban Shield exercises in the future.

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