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Haystax Technology is Red Hot Cyber Awardee


DCA Live has named Haystax Technology as one of its 2018 Red Hot Cyber Companies.

The awards were granted, says DCA Live, to the fastest growing companies in cybersecurity in the Washington-DC region, which “help solve some of the biggest security issues facing our federal government, national security and millions of American consumers.” These companies, it adds, “will create thousands of jobs and billions in new wealth in the coming years.”

Cybersecurity done the Haystax way involves encoding domain expertise in probabilistic models that, when augmented with machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques and integrated into our Haystax Analytics Platform, enable analysts and decision-makers to identify, prioritize and rapidly respond to individual and entity risk in an array of complex scenarios, including insider threat mitigation and account compromise detection. The system transparently traces the entire chain of reasoning that led to a particular result, and produces actionable results even when the available data is sparse or messy.

DCA Live hosts events for tech, legal, association and non-profit communities in the DC area, and regularly covers their activities in an online newsletter.

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