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Haystax Upgrades Line of Mobile Apps

McLean, VA, August 26, 2014 – Users of Haystax Technology’s integrated suite of mobile applications will notice a number of upgrades to their apps, thanks to a recent push by the company’s Accelerator Lab to put new features into the hands of public safety and emergency management professionals who spend much of their time in the field. “Our users are constantly on the move and have to be able to access our capabilities from wherever and whenever they need them,” says Haystax Chief Technology Officer Bryan Ware. “With these upgrades, Haystax continues to be the leader in providing mobile apps that are essential to delivering user-centric field data collection and situational awareness to support mission critical activities nationwide.” Several new capabilities have been added to the company’s flagship Mobile Indicator and Mobile Assessor apps, as well as to the Mobile Command and Mobile Threat Monitor apps – all four of which are an integral part of the Digital Sandbox 7 (DS7) risk-management platform:

Mobile Indicator 2.5: This app allows reports of incident activity to be quickly collected in the field. The single-screen interface presents a simple set of inputs to the user: a categorization of the observation (suspicious vehicle, package, damage levels after disasters, etc.), and an optional description field. The user may attach a photo using the camera integrated into the mobile device. These reports are automatically tagged with the location of the device and are sent up to the Haystax server, where they are stored and prioritized for display in both a list view and a geographical display.

In version 2.5, a new ‘offline’ mode saves all indicator reports even if no WiFi signal is present. A user will be able to access all past reports, and in the cases of failure due to lack of network connectivity, the user will be able to re-submit the report with a simple tap of the screen. With a new manual location-override function, if a GPS location is not available or the user is submitting a report for an item not currently at that particular location, a pin can now be dropped on the map to specify the correct location for the report being submitted. Finally, map layers may now be added per user specifications so they appear on the full map view. This is intended to help users define land parcels or other features not available on the base map.

In its School Safety Reporter configuration the Indicator features a custom set of incident types tailored specifically for schools, including Bullying, Drug Activity, Gang Activity and Vandalism. All of the main features and capabilities of the Mobile Indicator are also available in the School Safety Reporter.

Mobile Assessor 1.6: Assessments of physical assets are an important part of any ongoing risk management program. The Haystax Mobile Assessor allows a user to collect data about an asset, make observations about security lapses or other concerns, and attach images of the asset and of the security vulnerabilities. Using the location of the device, all photos and observations are automatically geo-located, leading to a more detailed and actionable assessment record. The Assessor application supports Field, Fire Pre-Incident, and Law Enforcement Pre-Incident Assessments on both iPhone and iPad devices. The tool can also be used to conduct school safety assessments on both K-12 and higher-education facilities. Assessor 1.6 is now available for immediate download in the Apple App Store, fully compatible with iOS7 and with several improvements to the interface.

Mobile Command 1.6: Using a map interface,  Mobile Command gives command-level users an overview of their entire asset catalog with risk information, assessment observations, and details about every asset in the system. Using filters, the user may focus on one particular sector, or see only the assets in the immediate area. Integrated real-time feeds also allow the user to see real-time calls for service, threat information, and suspicious activity reports geo-located on the map in context of their asset catalog. The new blast effects analyzer integration allows for quick determination of standoff and damage radii for reacting to possible threats in the field. The Command app supports both the iPhone and the iPad devices.

Mobile Threat Monitor 1.4: The Monitor, which gives users a mobile view of prioritized channels of information from the DS7 Feed Monitor, now includes an iPad layout. Monitor feeds are configured to take multiple inputs from a variety of open source or proprietary closed information sources and score the individual pieces of data to order items in terms of importance (based on a variety of configurable metrics). This feed may also include suspicious activity reports, such as reports from the Mobile Indicator.

To download Haystax apps for Apple devices, click here: The Mobile Indicator is now available on Android platforms as well. To download it, click here:

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About Haystax Haystax Technology, Inc. provides next-generation intelligence and analytics solutions that deliver up-to-the-minute situational awareness and actionable intelligence for government and commercial markets. Haystax uses a combination of software and human analysis to turn large, disparate and unstructured data volumes into comprehensive and actionable information. In essence, these technologies allow users to find “the needle in the haystack” quickly and reliably. For further information about Haystax Technology, visit or on Twitter @haystaxtech.

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