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Homeland Security Today Examines How Haystax Carbon Helps Prevent Insider Threats

Homeland Security Today, an industry-leading publication focusing on defense, cybersecurity and terrorism, recently interviewed Bryan Ware, chief technology officer at Haystax Technology, and published an article about mitigating insider threats using Haystax Carbon. Haystax Carbon, presented at the GEOINT symposium in June, works by compiling data from a number of different sources, such as employment records, and uses this data to identify and prioritize threats within an organization based on risk. Developed with the help of a number of experts, including psychiatrists, the program uses a patented algorithm to analyze data for evidence of risk factors. For example, when examining reliability, the software might look at how stable an employee’s home life and work history is and then take that into consideration when determining risk. “One of the primary uses is to identify the small set of people within the organization that you would want to keep under closer scrutiny. That scrutiny doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative thing,” Ware said, noting that, “We’re providing an early alert that the agency can use to trigger another action.” Click this link to read the full story on Homeland Security Today’s website

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