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Houston Partners With Industry To Protect Critical Infrastructure

critical infrastructure

Downtown Houston

Houston’s Regional Asset Management Program (RAMP) has undertaken a joint effort with private industry partners from throughout the Houston area to utilize Haystax Technology’s cloud-based software platform to help share data around regional critical infrastructure, including the use of our mobile incident reporting app.

The purpose of RAMP is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of critical infrastructure data management. This includes the cataloging and assessment of regional critical infrastructure and the analysis of threat, vulnerability, and risk pertaining to infrastructure. The private industry partners involved in the project are local businesses seeking to work together to bring positive growth to Houston; many participants are in the Houston central business district.

Area business partners utilize Haystax’s Mobile Indicator application to quickly share information on a secure platform, allowing for collaboration by local agencies and emergency first responders. Since the fall of 2015 partnering users have submitted regular reports of nuisance-type activities in downtown Houston.

Houston’s RAMP has been benefiting from Haystax solutions since 2011. It also has a partnership with federal entities to utilize Haystax software for the cataloging of critical infrastructure and sharing of data. This solution is also one of the key support technologies for the upcoming Super Bowl LI, to be held February 2017 at NRG Stadium in Houston.

Melissa Follstad is a project manager and analyst at Haystax Technology.



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