How Organizations Can Really Find Insider Risk

Real-time analysis to bring awareness before the damage is done

Insider risks are often too well concealed to be detected using conventional data analytics solutions, so organizations typically become aware of threats only after an incident has occurred. Meanwhile, SOC analysts are overwhelmed chasing down alerts and trying to validate what mostly turn out to be false positives.

Haystax has worked closely with government agencies and private organizations to develop an insider threat mitigation solution that continuously measures the trustworthiness of personnel in an organization, pinpointing early indications of the most serious risk from IP theft, espionage, fraud and other adverse events. Our analytics platform reasons like a team of expert analysts, but at a volume and velocity that no human could sustain. It performs true all-source analysis by ingesting data from a wide variety of sources and then applying probabilistic models, machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques to ‘connect the dots.’

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One Platform: Total Insider Analysis
  • Finds insiders regardless of whether their behavior is malicious, negligent or inadvertent
  • Dynamically identifies key risk indicators even in weak signals or subpar data sets
  • Quickly pinpoints when an individual starts trending in a negative direction
  • Supports collaborative workflows and adheres to existing organization guidelines and best practices

Model-based analytics focused on people, not devices

Goodbye alert overload, hello trustworthiness score

We understand the challenge of hiring experienced insider risk subject-matter experts. They’re scarce, expensive and in high demand. This lack of available resources is a key reason behind the development of Haystax’s pioneering artificial intelligence-driven analytics platform. At the heart of Haystax for Insider Threat is a Bayesian inference network in the form of a probabilistic behavioral risk model. The model mathematically represents over 700 different human behaviors and life events as key risk indicators, culled from subject-matter experts in psychology, cybersecurity, fraud, HR and other relevant domains. This model behaves like multiple insider risk experts and assigns a trustworthiness score to each and all your organization’s assets.

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An end-to-end SOC platform

Yes, there’s an app for that

Managing and executing a successful insider risk program can be daunting, given the complexity of processes involved, data to be analyzed and controls to be implemented. In collaboration with some of the world’s leading insider threat programs, Haystax built an analytics platform integrating multiple apps that automate, streamline and support organizational security investigations and decision-making. In the process we have helped analysts to reduce many of the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of their daily workflows.

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
From our earliest days helping the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pinpoint major individual threats to the organization's principals, to our current work continuously evaluating the trustworthiness of cleared personnel at one of the largest U.S. government agencies, Haystax has pioneered a 'whole'person' risk-based approach to workplace security. At a top U.S. bank, the Haystax platform recently proved its value in a matter of weeks: after analyzing behavioral indicators and various stressors across tens of thousands of employees, our system quickly identified and prioritized for further action a small handful of major insider threat actors who had been overlooked by the bank's existing analytics solutions and security teams for years.
“Haystax Technology’s security analytics platform originated from the company’s work with the defense and intelligence communities. Today, [it] supports our nation’s largest insider threat program, proving it is a platform that scales to new challenges and domains as they arise in today’s world of increasingly complex and sophisticated cyberthreats.”
Testimonial by Gen. Peter Pace (USMC, Ret.), former Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff
Gen. Peter Pace (USMC, Ret.), former Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff
Is your organization straining to keep up with the latest insider threats? Are your SOC analysts overwhelmed with false positives while trying to identify and respond to the real threats?
Haystax can help. Read our latest Insights Series paper on hunting a disgruntled corporate insider. Or contact one of our representatives to see the Haystax insider threat solution in action.