Most organizations today have a large digital footprint, increasing their vulnerability to data theft, sabotage and other threats from trusted personnel and underscoring the urgent need for more effective management of both information security and risk from insiders.

Haystax has been helping our clients anticipate and respond to complex risks for over 20 years. Our insider threat mitigation products and services address the unique requirements of corporations and government agencies alike, with everything from telemetry-based anomaly detection to model-driven risk analytics in one cloud-based environment. Read on to learn more about how our patented risk-based approach can help mitigate your most dangerous insiders.

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Products and Services Tailored to Your Requirements

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Insider Threat Detection and Response (ITDR)

CISOs and their information security teams increasingly are overwhelmed by near-constant waves of alerts, often chasing down insider ‘incidents’ that turn out to be false positives. In response, Haystax and its sister company CYDERES, the 24/7 security-as-a-service division of our common parent company Fishtech Group, have partnered to provide an insider threat detection and response service as a frictionless add-on to the CYDERES Enterprise Managed Detection and Response (EMDR) solution.

Powered by the Haystax Insider Threat analytics platform, the ITDR service helps infosec teams protect intellectual property, sensitive data and critical IT assets and reduce operational risks from unwitting, negligent and malicious insiders. The service and underlying technology are designed to easily and rapidly provide security investigators the cyber indicators and evidence they need to detect their biggest threats and respond with confidence.

This new service, being offered initially as a two-month beta program, will use supported participant data from corporate identity management, cloud-based office applications, firewall, web proxy and endpoint/EDR data, which will be forwarded to, analyzed and securely stored as necessary in the CYDERES/Fishtech cloud.

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Insider Risk Management (IRM)

Even organizations that have established cross-functional insider threat programs are discovering that some threats from trusted executives, staff, vendors and contractors are too well concealed to be detected using conventional data analytics solutions like SIEM and UEBA. As a result, they typically become aware of insider threats only after an adverse event has occurred.

Haystax has worked closely with government agencies and private organizations to develop an insider risk management solution that continuously measures the trustworthiness of personnel in an organization, pinpointing early indications of the most serious risk from IP theft, espionage, fraud and other adverse events. Haystax was an early adopter of what is known as a ‘whole-person’ approach to mitigating insider risk, which involves ingesting and analyzing a diverse array of behavioral and non-network information sources on top of network and device logs, providing a more complete and contextually-based picture of workforce risk.

By using a probabilistic model, machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques to ‘connect the dots,’ the Haystax analytics platform helps CSOs and their counterparts in HR, Legal and other departments discover high-priority threats before an incident occurs. Our platform reasons like a team of experts, but at a volume and velocity that no SOC analyst, investigator or decision-maker could sustain.

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Insider Risk Program Development

Are you planning to establish an insider risk program, or in the early stages of building one? Our expert practitioners can help you plan and develop a program that combines existing capabilities from functional areas across the organization with new capabilities, processes and procedures. We achieve this by first conducting a baseline-capabilities review and then assisting with the development of governance capabilities.

Review. Our advisory services team performs a comprehensive review of the capabilities your organization has in place to deter, detect and respond to insider threats. We deliver a report that identifies and categorizes your critical assets, describes existing capabilities to support the insider risk program and recommends actions needed to build a more effective program.

Governance. Developing a governance capability is a critical first step when building a program, but it can be very challenging for a new team to tackle on its own. Our advisory services team provides guidance and framework materials to help program managers establish or improve their insider risk governance capabilities.

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Insider Risk Program Assessment

Are you looking for experienced practitioners to help you take your insider risk program to the next level? What are your gaps compared to leading programs? Does your program meet compliance and audit requirements? Haystax can provide the answers.

Our experienced advisory services team will assess the maturity of your program as compared to industry best practices. The assessment will be conducted through documentation reviews, observations and interviews with program sponsors, participants and stakeholders.

The assessment report will include:

  • A summary of findings, including strengths and vulnerabilities
  • A gap analysis of current vs. target maturity levels
  • A list of actions needed to achieve the next level of maturity

Our assessment report will provide the facts and evidence you need to reduce current risk and articulate program growth priorities to your leadership. With a Haystax assessment you can be confident that your insider risk program is well-positioned to protect your organization’s most valuable assets from its biggest known threats – and the unknown ones, too.

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From our earliest days helping the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pinpoint major personal threats to the organization's principals, to our later work continuously evaluating the trustworthiness of cleared personnel at one of the largest U.S. government agencies, Haystax has pioneered a 'whole-person' approach to workplace risk. At the National Australia Bank, we applied our analytics technology to real-time malware identification on millions of daily transactions. The results demonstrated that encoding analyst expertise and judgment in an automated system could identify multiple anomalies that had a high likelihood of indicating compromise. And at a top U.S. bank, the Haystax platform proved its value in a matter of weeks: after analyzing behavioral indicators and various stressors across tens of thousands of employees, our system quickly identified and prioritized for further action a small handful of major insider threat actors who had been overlooked by the bank's existing analytics solutions and security teams for years.
“Haystax’s security analytics platform originated from the company’s work with the defense and intelligence communities. Today, [it] supports our nation’s largest insider threat program, proving it is a platform that scales to new challenges and domains as they arise in today’s world of increasingly complex and sophisticated cyberthreats.”
Testimonial by Gen. Peter Pace (USMC, Ret.), former Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff
Gen. Peter Pace (USMC, Ret.), former Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff
Is your organization straining to keep up with malicious, unwitting or negligent insiders? Are your infosec investigators and SOC analysts overwhelmed with false positives while trying to identify and respond to the real threats?
Contact one of our representatives to find out how Haystax can help you proactively identify and prioritize your biggest insider risks.