Law enforcement professionals are often called upon to respond to extreme situations with little warning and sparse information.

Whether they are patrol officers, investigators or police chiefs, the lack of immediate domain awareness can slow response times and hinder decision-making when lives are at stake.

Haystax has developed an integrated cloud-based solution that significantly reduces reliance on radios, paper maps and field interview cards. It combines mobile apps for incident reporting and routine field intelligence gathering with web-based tools for managing critical asset data and real-time digital feeds.

Ground intelligence can be cross-referenced with existing data, analyzed quickly and shared across multiple stakeholders. As a result, commanders get the complete contextual awareness they need to respond with confidence.

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One Platform: For Law Enforcement
  • Enables reporting and tracking of suspicious persons, vehicles and other indicators
  • Monitors digital media 24/7 for emerging threats
  • Integrates existing data like CAD, ALPR and video feeds for added context during incidents
  • Manages digital floor plans, photos and key contact information on all critical assets
  • Provides simple apps and an intuitive interface for easy user adoption
  • Provides a dynamic map of incidents, scheduled events, assets and much more

Be fully prepared for any emergency by having a dynamic and detailed picture of incidents and emerging threats, plus precisely located views of your critical assets. Integrate your existing data like CAD calls and video. Conduct threat and vulnerability assessments in advance, and maintain in one place all floor plans, emergency plans, photos and key contact information. Haystax for Law Enforcement provides the ground intelligence you need, when you need it.

Fully control your entire chain of command

Respond with confidence

Everyone from leadership to tactical teams has visibility in the system. Commanders can take their ops center with them through our mobile app, getting an instant view of their area of responsibility even while in the field. Officers and intel teams act as sensors by sending in status updates and incident alerts on their mobile devices, and ops center staff can see exact field personnel locations through our blue-force tracking capabilities. The responsive command and control you’ve always wanted is available today.

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Expand your intelligence network

Data availability is key in a crisis. So why rely on paper maps or radios for situational awareness when you can have exponentially more data at your fingertips? Combine suspicious activity and field interview reports, threatening social media feeds, CAD calls, sensor data, scheduled events, crime stats, traffic and weather data and much more on your own custom map or timeline feeds, filtered so that you see all the key signals with none of the noise.

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Metropolitan police departments from Los Angeles to Houston to Indianapolis to Tampa rely on Haystax's law enforcement solutions every day for total domain awareness. They use our tightly integrated suite of web and mobile apps to gather incident and field intelligence reports, analyze and prioritize their biggest threats and ensure that their response personnel are better informed and coordinated. Their analysts monitor Haystax's real-time local social media and news feeds to improve their understanding of threats and to sharpen responses. And their special teams turn to our detailed asset catalogs to pinpoint critical facility information during protests, crimes and other emergencies.
Field interviews are the cornerstone of police investigations, and with this [mobile FI] app our officers will be able to quickly generate those and evaluate field data against other information in the [Haystax] system, including critical infrastructure and key resources, and suspicious activity reports."
Testimonial by Mike Sena, Director of the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center
Mike Sena, Director of the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center
Police departments who wish to improve their domain-awareness and intelligence-sharing capabilities are invited to contact one of our representatives for a demonstration of our fully integrated suite of web and mobile law enforcement apps.