Pandemic response solutions tailored to the corporate, school and public safety communities.

Haystax has been helping government and private-sector organizations anticipate and respond to complex risks for over 20 years. Our pandemic response solutions provide advanced analytics, real-time updating and information-sharing capabilities in one cloud-based environment. Read on to learn more about our three tailored solutions.


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Corporate Pandemic Response

Corporate leaders need to ensure both the health and safety of their employees and stakeholders, and the continuity of their operations. To help them succeed, Haystax has created a cloud-based solution for managing Covid-19 risk in organizations of any size. Based on two decades of experience developing AI-based risk management software, our solution enables decision-makers to anticipate potential future outbreaks and recalibrate their mitigation plans accordingly – thus minimizing operational disruptions and workforce uncertainty.


  • The Haystax system continuously analyzes a combination of local Covid-19 case data and on-site mitigation information to produce an updated risk score for each corporate facility.
  • Mobile app checklists track facility sanitizing schedules and distancing rules and enable logging of high temperatures and other self-reported symptoms.
  • An assessments app records potentially impactful changes in local demographics, testing and mitigation procedures, health and medical infrastructures, public transport and travel patterns and much more.
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School Pandemic    Response

School districts around the U.S. are under intense pressure to comply with state reopening mandates, while providing a proper learning environment for students and safe working conditions for teachers and administrators. Haystax has developed several features and capabilities that can help districts remain operational during the school year while managing outbreak risk and mitigation measures through continuous monitoring, assessment and reporting.


  • Our platform gauges the potential for a Covid-19 outbreak at any type of school facility by analyzing local infection rates, each school’s mitigation controls and other relevant data.
  • Mobile apps include: a site-specific checklist for tracking mitigation activities like sanitizing, physical distancing and mask mandates; daily temperature checks for students, staff and visitors; a symptom self-reporting app; and a regulatory compliance checklist.
  • A dashboard enables district leaders to quickly spot changes in risk levels and then recalibrate their priorities and responses based on continuously updated streams of information and data from a variety of district and third-party sources.
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Public Safety Pandemic Response

Emergency managers and public safety officials have had to rapidly recalibrate their priorities in response to coronavirus, while also contending with civil unrest and an array of natural disasters. Haystax has a two-decade record of providing state and local government entities with software solutions that help them prepare for, mitigate and respond to any kind of risk, whether caused by humans or nature. With the addition of our pandemic response tool, we help these agencies seamlessly recalibrate – without losing their all-hazards focus.


  • Incidents, events and digital threat data are updated in real time, while report-generation tools enable stakeholders to share critical data instantly with other agencies, political leaders and the community.
  • Mobile reporting apps provide updates directly from field personnel regarding violations of closure orders and other security-related alerts, while additionally giving commanders full awareness of their personnel locations via blue-force tracking.
  • Third-party data and map layers include CAD/911 feeds, camera feeds and zip code-level Covid-19 case data, for improved protection of public safety personnel responding in high-risk areas.
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Law enforcement and emergency management agencies on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic are using the Haystax platform to manage multiple aspects of their responses, from tracking the spread of Covid-19 to managing data on critical assets, allocating material resources and safely assigning response personnel where they are most needed. One major metropolitan area has mapped out temporary test sites and added map layers showing available hospital beds and pharmacies, along with heat maps displaying real-time Covid-19 case data in multiple parts of the city. Several school districts used the system to manage food distribution sites during the summer and are now adding capabilities to help manage operations during the school year. And a security agency whose mission is to protect critical infrastructure and vulnerable populations uses Haystax to help ensure a higher level of resilience and continuity of operations among commercial enterprises, educational facilities, government services and even entire supply chains associated with the delivery of food, utilities and communications.
"Haystax has been evolving all the time. We leverage it as a repository to support virtual operations during Covid."
Testimonial by Senior official at major U.S. metropolitan area public safety agency
Senior official at major U.S. metropolitan area public safety agency
Decision-makers seeking improved response capabilities during the coronavirus pandemic are invited to contact one of our representatives for a demonstration of our fully integrated suite of model-based analytics and web/mobile apps.
Contact one of our representatives to find out how Haystax can help you proactively identify and prioritize your biggest pandemic risks.