Fact Sheets

School Safety
Detect campus threats sooner and respond faster
Haystax integrates vital incident and school facility information into a single online platform to provide a shared common operational picture of the security environment, for more effective protection of students, staff and facilities.
Law Enforcement
Field intelligence and incident response in one platform
Haystax helps law enforcement agencies prepare for and respond to any crisis with a dynamic picture of emerging threats, rapid intelligence-collection and incident-reporting tools, and a seamlessly integrated user environment that ensures maximum collaboration and analytically sound command decisions when every second counts.
Emergency Management
Comprehensive disaster planning and coordination on one screen
Haystax pioneered a risk-based approach to preparedness and offers an operationally-proven tool that gives emergency management agencies complete control over planning and coordination — in command and operations centers and out in the field.
Fire Safety
The right information – before an incident occurs
Haystax has developed a cloud-based solution that enables fire departments to conduct field inspections and manage pre-fire plans and data in a single integrated environment.
Event Risk Management
Collaborative preparedness and coordinated response
Haystax seamlessly connects decision-makers and analysts in the command center with first responders and security patrols in the field, providing web and mobile apps to all stakeholders for alerting, threat analysis, information sharing and after-action reporting.
Critical Infrastructure Protection
All-hazard awareness for your most vital assets
Haystax enables state and local agencies to maintain a detailed understanding of their key facilities, systems and populations, and to dynamically manage all-hazard risk around those assets using a wide range of data sources.
Public Safety
Maintain awareness and respond with confidence
Haystax gives law enforcement, fire and emergency management agencies the ability to share intelligence and analysis, and to monitor, report, alert and respond to incidents — from a single unified environment.
Cyber Risk Analysis
Putting state and local cybersecurity programs on a solid footing
Haystax's proprietary tool rapidly assesses and prioritizes IT assets, providing cyber risk profiles and helping agencies identify gaps, allocate resources and inform cybersecurity strategies.

White Papers

Managing School Safety in the 21st Century
How Haystax helps school leaders and their public safety partners protect campuses from any threat or natural hazard
The Haystax for School Safety solution offers an integrated 'ecosystem' of web-based and mobile apps that help school districts maintain critical campus data and imagery, conduct safety assessments, report incidents, manage safety drills and identify and continuously analyze potential school-related threats on digital media. This white paper describes how Haystax for School Safety gives all stakeholders – from school administrators to first responders – a common operational picture of the school security environment and seamless coordination during a crisis.
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The Haystax Analytics Platform
Proactive security risk mitigation through AI-driven awareness, analysis and inference
The Haystax Analytics Platform brings together in one seamlessly integrated environment all the diverse data sources, analytic power and workflow tools an organization needs for all-hazard risk preparedness, prevention, response and recovery. The platform enables decision-makers to fulfill their most fundamental risk-management goals: understand their most likely cyber and physical threats and biggest vulnerabilities, as well as the consequences of an adverse event, regardless of whether the risk is man-made intentional or accidental or the result of a natural hazard.
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