Most K-12 schools in the U.S. offer safe and secure learning environments for their 55 million students, and district leaders work tirelessly with their local public safety partners to prevent or at least prepare for active-shooter incidents, gang and drug activity, natural disasters and more.

But many have limited budgets that make it difficult to prioritize their risks and respond to a growing number of cyber and physical threats.

Haystax has developed a suite of cloud-based tools that enable all school safety stakeholders to work collaboratively, implementing consistent security best practices while accommodating differences in campus size, geography and demographics.

Our system integrates vital incident and school facility information into a single online platform to provide a shared common operational picture of the security environment, for more effective protection of students, staff and facilities.

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One Platform: Total School Safety Solution
  • Manages important information about schools, personnel and scheduled events
  • Enables mobile reporting of bullying, drug, gang and other incidents on and around campus
  • Digitizes school safety assessments for better analysis of vulnerabilities and threats
  • Displays 911 calls, news/social media and traffic/weather for better context in a crisis
  • Is easy to use even with minimal training, and cost-effective to operate

Visualize and keep up with emerging threat activity in and around schools using news, public safety, social media and other digital feeds. The Haystax platform uses natural language processing, sentiment analysis and other advanced analytics to filter out all but the highest priority threats. Search concepts can be tailored to each school community’s requirements, and feeds and other data are aggregated and displayed on a single screen for clearer visualization.

Assess risks and manage critical facility data

Anticipate emerging threats in real time

Conduct in-depth safety audits or do a quick self assessment, directly on-site from a tablet or smartphone. Analyze the security vulnerabilities and strengths of each campus and look for patterns and trends in the aggregated results. Maintain critical information about every school in a district or state. Import emergency plans, site maps, floor plans, key contact information, photos and more. Generate analytical reports from the facility and assessment data and share them with school leadership and partner agencies.

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Track incidents, hazards and scheduled events

Maintain contextual domain awareness with live monitoring of incidents from multiple sources.

Mobile apps instantly report bullying, drug and gang activity, weapons violations, suspicious packages and much more. Geo-tagged map layers can display traffic, weather and natural hazard events, and the combined alerts automatically appear at their exact locations on a map. All scheduled activities such as school fairs, emergency drills and sporting events can be entered in advance for additional contextual awareness.

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Florida Department of Education
The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) uses the Haystax system. which it calls FSSAT, to help protect its 2.5 million students. It maintains a catalog all 6,000-plus schools in the state, and performs online school safety assessments to give district superintendents a detailed understanding of their most critical vulnerabilities and threats. The system also is used to: schedule emergency drills and other events; report incidents in and around campus; and provide critical information such as floor plans, emergency plans, photos and contact information during emergency responses. The system enables FDOE to share best practices and ensure uniform standards across the state for any man-made threat or natural hazard.
"During Hurricane Irma, FSSAT provided real-time alerts and readily accessible planning and response data that had been sitting in binders. HCPS also relied on the map app for visualizing the locations and sheltering availabilities of school facilities, plus weather patterns, evacuation routes and much more. We look at FSSAT as a force multiplier."
Testimonial by John Newman, Chief of Security and Emergency Management, Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida
John Newman, Chief of Security and Emergency Management, Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida
School leaders seeking improved preparedness and response capabilities for their districts are invited to contact one of our representatives for a demonstration of our fully integrated suite of web and mobile school safety apps.