Haystax provides a range of services in each market we serve, either as standalone offerings or as a complement to our risk management software solutions.

Organizations from large banks and technology firms to state and local government agencies rely on our seasoned professional services teams for everything from helping to mitigate their most serious insider risks to assessing threats and natural hazards affecting critical infrastructure.



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Insider Threat Program Design

Advanced expertise on your side.

Most organizations have not assessed the maturity and performance of their insider threat programs. Instead, they either focus on pure compliance (‘box checking’) or the deployment of expensive network/endpoint detection tools — without the ability to measure results. Haystax has proprietary tools and methods to help an organization quickly understand the effectiveness and maturity of its program, choose which initiatives to prioritize and measure the performance of these initiatives.

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Organizational Risk Diagnostics

Generate a high-risk threat portfolio.

Using readily available data on an organization’s personnel and infrastructure assets, as well as network access information and SIEM/DLP endpoint data, Haystax can quickly and cost-effectively generate a high-level risk profile and identify highest priority risks. The end-product is a summary risk profile highlighting those assets, behaviors and trends about which the organization should be most concerned.

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Insider Threat, Security Analytics
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Risk Model Development

Discover what's really going on behind the scenes.

Haystax has unique expertise building Bayesian inference networks (BayesNets) for commercial and governmental organizations. For example, it built an effective and usable BayesNet for modeling malware at a bank in eight weeks. This model discovered malware signatures previously unseen and the bank enjoyed a substantial return on investment by averting major financial losses. Haystax will leverage its rapid model-building capabilities in developing a tailored probabilistic risk-mitigation model for an organization’s specific use cases, from malware detection and anti-money laundering to terrorism prevention to bio-surveillance.

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Cyber Risk Analysis

Profile Your Assets Strategically

Most organizations have not assessed the buildings and operations that use their information security systems every day, and therefore do not have a concrete connection between their cyber risk and other non-IT risks. Haystax will apply its proprietary Cyber Risk Analysis tool to rapidly assess and prioritize information security assets. Once the assessment has been completed, Haystax will provide the risk profiles of the systems and critical facilities and help an organization identify gaps, optimally allocate resources and inform its cybersecurity strategy.

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"Their security analytics platform is allowing us to move to a more dynamic and predictive risk posture."
Testimonial by Nick Scott, Head of Security Governance, National Australia Bank
Nick Scott, Head of Security Governance, National Australia Bank
Haystax personnel are well trained in analyzing risk. Haystax can provide staff to help an organization quickly develop more powerful analytical insights across key risk use cases, such as physical security, personnel security, insider threat mitigation and fraud detection. Haystax will tailor requirements and engagement scope to the customer’s needs.
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