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SIGNAL Magazine Highlights Carbon™, Haystax’s Predictive Analytics Tool

In a major feature article in SIGNAL Magazine, Haystax CEO Bill Van Vleet discusses the benefits of the Haystax predictive analytics tool Carbon with editor Sandra Jontz. The piece focuses on Carbon’s particular attributes for U.S. federal agencies as they seek new and better ways to combat the problem of insider threats. “Carbon offers a continuous evaluation of risk due to insider threats, even in highly complex, large organizations,” Van Vleet says.  “Such a technology is critical for those charged with hunting the enemy from within,” Jontz writes. In addition to analyzing and prioritizing risks in cyberspace, Carbon examines many different types of events in the physical world that could lead to incidents or attacks. “The Los Angeles School Police Department, for example, relies on analytic technology to forecast security issues,” Jontz writes. And during the April protests in Baltimore following the death of a local man after police transported him to jail, predictive technology alerted authorities to the likelihood of violence during some of the demonstrations. “I founded the company on the premise that all people should have safety and security, from people in big cities like New York and Los Angeles to small cities like Newtown, Connecticut, and Killeen, Texas,” Van Vleet says. “Our purpose is to be a new kind of security company addressing the challenges of the exponential increase in data and the threats to the computing network.” – Haystax CEO Bill Van Vleet Please click here to read the full article on SIGNAL’s website. For more information on Haystax Carbon™, click here.

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