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The Importance Of Enterprise Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence is not a new term, but it is one which is discussed more and more with regards to all types of businesses and organizations. And, as with everything which becomes talked about, more and more products are being marketed to capture this market. However, when it comes to truly intelligent and dynamic options then Enterprise Threat Intelligence certainly has the upper hand. There is a real difference between Enterprise Threat Intelligence is designed to be much more than just a data collection and analysis tool for potential threats. It is a way to capture data from both external and internal sources to get an accurate picture of the real issues which are posing threats to your business. Smart Use of Data Unlike most threat intelligence systems, Enterprise Threat Intelligence doesn’t just focus in on the most evident types of threats. Instead, the system has wide ranging ability to gather data from multiple sources. This can include live feeds, videos, public sites and also private information sent via the internet. This information is gathered by the Enterprise Threat Intelligence system and then run through a complex system of patented algorithms. These algorithms have been refined over years of use to create the most comprehensive big picture view of what is going on with regards to threats in a big picture view. The analysis and synthesis of these multiple data points are then assessed and prioritized automatically and in real time by the system. There is no need to review hundreds of threat reports to try to determine which is relevant and which is a low concern; rather it is all done for you. This allows your security team to act accordingly based on the priority of the threat. Internal Threats While Enterprise Threat Intelligence uses external data to form reports, it is fully integrated with policy compliance and protocols developed by the individual company. This allows management and security to see any attempts to access information by those not authorized to do so immediately. In addition, there is the ability to customize reports for administrators or superusers so multiple false positives will not be a concern. The system can even automatically shut down any unauthorized use while also generating the appropriate report and notification. The more options any business has for collecting data from internal and external sources the more accurate, relevant and timely their response will be. Using Enterprise Threat Intelligence certainly gives businesses the edge needed to keep abreast of real-time threats. To Learn more click here

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