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WTOP-FM Shows How Haystax Technology is Helping First-Responders

WTOP-FM, one of the most widely listened to radio stations in Washington, D.C., visited Haystax Technology’s headquarters today in McLean, Va to get an inside look at the company helping to keep the Super Bowl safe. Haystax does this through its software, California Common Operating Picture (CalCOP) for Threat Awareness, which has been used in the state of California since 2009 and is being used by the public safety officials and first responders responsible for ensuring safety in the days leading up to Super Bowl 50. “To me, the Super Bowl is not just about fan safety,” says Haystax Chief Technology Officer Bryan Ware. “This is as American as it gets. I think we all want to know that everything that can be done is being done to protect that event.” Please click here to read the full story on

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