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Security Analytics

Separate the critical from the mass

That’s the power of the Haystax model-first approach

What risks do you mitigate first?

Leverage actionable insights from complex security threats with one comprehensive, proactive, and integrated platform.

Predict insider threats and prioritize investigations in real time and at scale with the only solution that evaluates a ‘whole person’ model of trustworthiness.

Identify anomalous activity while avoiding false-positives to counter growing sophistication in global cyber fraud, account compromise, and hostile attacks on enterprise users.

Prioritize the highest personnel threats with transparent risk assessments early and accurately, automating the data analysis process and reducing adjudicative staff burdens.

One platform. Unprecedented risk management.

Avoid alert fatigue with the intelligence, flexibility, and scalability of the Constellation platform.

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User Behavior Analytics Redefined

Haystax Technology delivers advanced user behavior analytics and visionary risk-management solutions that enable rapid understanding and response to virtually any type of cyber or physical threat – because tomorrow’s security risks are complex and evolving.

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