With Haystax's Advanced Analytics Platform
  • Start with an understanding of your security domain.
    What is Haystax?
    Haystax is a virtual security operations center (SOC) platform that separates the critical from the mass.
  • Achieve greater certainty in a risk-filled world.
    How does Haystax help?
    Haystax delivers advanced security analytics, so you can understand and act on any threat in real time.
  • Get unprecedented risk management on one platform.
    What's the benefit?
    AI-driven analytics produce results that let you take action on your highest-priority risks, and avoid alert fatigue.
  • Act on your most urgent security priorities.
    Move from risk to trust.
    Gain end-to-end awareness of all your insiders, from most to least trustworthy.

Protect your critical assets
and turn chaos into order.

Proactive risk management for asset protection, personnel security and insider threat mitigation. Haystax is an AI-driven security operations center (SOC) platform that separates the critical from the mass.

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Jeffrey Cook, Assistant Fire Chief, City of HoustonNick Scott, Head of Security Governance, National Australia BankJack Hanagriff, City of Houston Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security
"The ability for team members to use the Mobile Indicator app, which has better location services, as well as share photographs of their location in real time, cut down on confusion and led to faster response. The technology allowed field members to report issues of a sensitive nature back to the command post without having to use portable radios. This provided increased situational awareness."
Jeffrey Cook, Assistant Fire Chief, City of Houston
"Their security analytics platform is allowing us to move to a more dynamic and predictive risk posture."
Nick Scott, Head of Security Governance, National Australia Bank
"During Hurricane Harvey, the Houston EOC was working at full capacity during multiple days of torrential rains. The Haystax team saw this as an opportunity to improve public safety now and in the future. Together we developed some amazing services that will benefit Houston and public safety professionals throughout the country."
Jack Hanagriff, City of Houston Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security


Proven solutions for critical missions

Haystax delivers advanced security risk analytics and visionary risk-management solutions that enable rapid understanding and response to virtually any type of cyber or physical threat – because today’s security risks are complex and constantly evolving.

Haystax enhances league-wide stadium security and fan experience

Haystax has provided a major sports league with a unified league-wide incident management system to report, share and act on fan safety-related issues. The successful deployment of the solution was based on ease of use, reliable performance at all times and rapid integration with the league and each team’s existing systems. The solution was fully deployed in under four weeks.
L.A. uses Haystax for situational awareness during high-profile events
Los Angeles police and first responders use Haystax for real-time monitoring of local social media and news to improve their understanding of threats and to sharpen response activities. In addition to improved real-time situational awareness, other benefits include greater agility for deploying anywhere, better collaboration across agencies, lower cost and more agile response.
Boston takes to the cloud to manage critical infrastructure information
Haystax provides the City of Boston with a platform for its authoritative system of records both for managing critical infrastructure and for tying the information into first-responder operations. As a result, Boston gets: Contextual real-time situational awareness and protection of assets across the region; the assurance of timely response; and the ability to involve the right people at the right time.
Florida protects students with better school safety assessments

The Florida Department of Education uses Haystax’s school safety solution to catalog all school assets in the state and to perform online safety assessments to identify threats and vulnerabilities facing the schools and the types of safety controls in place. Florida is the first state in the U.S. with an authoritative online catalog of school data, giving admins total visibility of the threat landscape.
Indianapolis maintains operational awareness and rapid response capabilities 24/7


The Indianapolis Department of Homeland Security started using the Haystax platform in Feb 2012 for security monitoring and incident response for SBXLVI. Since that successful deployment, Indy DHS has expanded its use of Haystax for a variety of other special events like the Indianapolis 500 auto race as well as routine patrol operations.
Houston Fire takes a risk-based approach to planning and ops support
The Houston Fire Department has deployed the Haystax system as its central repository for managing all data on protected assets, as well as for fire pre-planning and hazard assessment data. HFD selected Haystax because of the speed at which applications could be deployed across the region, along with our domain expertise and proven security and system performance.
New Jersey State Police maintains operational control with closed-loop situational awareness
Haystax provides New Jersey with a specialized ‘watch-board’ for monitoring context-specific threats in real time. Specialized field intelligence teams are equipped with mobile apps to work as a unit in submitting timely field incident reports. Before Haystax was integrated, information that took 60 minutes or more to reach decision-makers is now available through Haystax in seconds.
Large Texas metropolitan area uses Haystax during crisis events
The Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington Metroplex covers more than 9,000 square miles and is home to upwards of six million people and thousands of infrastructure assets. For many years, DFWA has used Haystax’s real-time regional threat and risk assessment capabilities to serve multiple agencies and users — from analysts in the intelligence fusion center to first responders on the ground, increasing response time.
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