All-Hazard Risk Management Solutions

Insider Threat

End-to-end detection, response and risk mitigation capabilities

Insider threats are often too well concealed to be detected using conventional data analytics solutions, while SOC analysts are overwhelmed with mostly false-positive alerts.

Haystax offers an array of tools to help companies identify, investigate and respond to formerly trusted insiders who may try to steal data or otherwise pose a threat to the enterprise.

Our Insider Threat Detection & Response (ITDR) service, offered through Haystax sister company CYDERES, leverages cutting-edge machine learning and other AI techniques to surface meaningful early threat indicators from network telemetry. CISO teams thus can better ensure the protection, confidentiality and integrity of their company’s intellectual property, sensitive data and critical systems.

For companies that already have a cross-functional insider threat program in place, Haystax additionally offers its Insider Risk Mitigation (IRM) solution. Using ‘whole-person’ probabilistic models fed with data from an array of network and non-network sources to analyze employee behaviors and stressors, the system enables security analysts and investigators to zero in on their highest-priority threats, like fraud and espionage, while filtering out false positives and ‘nuisance’ alerts.


Corporate Security

Manage physical and cyber risk from one platform

Haystax helps corporate security leaders protect their facilities and employees with a cloud-based software analytics platform that eliminates the artificial boundaries between IT, physical and personnel security.

Our suite of task-focused applications integrate seamlessly into existing corporate SOC environments, providing all-hazard asset protection, incident reporting and monitoring, digital threat awareness, event security management and natural-disaster preparedness.


Public Safety

Critical infrastructure protection and all-hazards preparedness

Haystax has developed an integrated cloud-based solution that combines web-based tools for managing critical asset data and monitoring real-time digital feeds with mobile apps for conducting facility assessments, reporting incidents and providing routine informational updates from the field — significantly reducing reliance on pen-and-paper assessments, printed maps and field interview cards.

Fresh ground intelligence can be cross-referenced with existing asset and event data, analyzed quickly and shared across multiple stakeholder groups. As a result, law enforcement, school safety, fire and emergency management leaders can maintain a common operating picture of their areas of responsibility, giving them the contextual awareness they need to respond with confidence to any incident or emergency.


Pandemic Response

Proactively manage coronavirus risk and mitigation activities

Amid the global coronavirus pandemic, corporate leaders are faced with the twin priorities of sustaining commercial operations while ensuring the ongoing safety of their personnel. To help them succeed, Haystax has created a cloud-based solution for managing COVID-19 risk.

Based on two decades of experience developing AI-based risk management software, our solution enables decision-makers to anticipate potential future outbreaks and recalibrate their mitigation plans accordingly — thus minimizing operational disruptions and workforce uncertainty.

Gen. Peter Pace (USMC, Ret.), former Chairman, U.S. Joint Chiefs of StaffJohn Newman, Chief of Security and Emergecy Management, Hillsborough County Public SchoolsNick Scott, Head of Security Governance, National Australia BankJack Hanagriff, City of Houston Mayor's Office of Public Safety and Homeland SecurityDoD personnel security program officialJeffrey Cook, Assistant Fire Chief, City of HoustonJohn Valencia, Executive Director of the City of San Diego Office of Homeland SecurityDoD insider threat program official
“Haystax’s security analytics platform scales to new challenges and domains as they arise in today’s world of increasingly complex and sophisticated cyber threats.”
Gen. Peter Pace (USMC, Ret.), former Chairman, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff
"Haystax is a game-changer in school safety and vulnerability assessments in Florida."
John Newman, Chief of Security and Emergecy Management, Hillsborough County Public Schools
"Their security analytics platform is allowing us to move to a more dynamic and predictive risk posture."
Nick Scott, Head of Security Governance, National Australia Bank
"During Hurricane Harvey, the Houston EOC was working at full capacity during multiple days of torrential rains. The Haystax team saw this as an opportunity to improve public safety now and in the future. Together we developed some amazing services that will benefit Houston and public safety professionals throughout the country."
Jack Hanagriff, City of Houston Mayor's Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security
"Haystax is the only known system for prioritizing personnel according to positive and negative nodes of trust."
DoD personnel security program official
"The ability for team members to use the Mobile Indicator app, which has better location services, as well as share photographs of their location in real time, cut down on confusion and led to faster response. The technology allowed field members to report issues of a sensitive nature back to the command post without having to use portable radios. This provided increased situational awareness."
Jeffrey Cook, Assistant Fire Chief, City of Houston
Haystax's CalCOP platform "enhances the region’s risk analysis processes, critical infrastructure protection activities, and strategic security planning.”
John Valencia, Executive Director of the City of San Diego Office of Homeland Security
The Haystax insider threat platform is “the gold standard to be measured against when designing a tool.”
DoD insider threat program official
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